Mom's Thanksgiving Cornbread Dressing

From: Arlene Krueger

All measurements are approximate.  Blend to taste and wanted consistency.  This feeds at least 12 people. 

4 cornbreads (Jiffy brand)
2-3 batches of biscuits (Bisquick)

celery salt

poultry seasoning



4 cups diced onion

4.5 cups diced celery

1 1/2 cup butter (3 sticks)

1 1/2 boxes chicken stock

Crumble all the cornbread and biscuits together. Add celery salt, poultry seasoning, sage, pepper to taste.

Add about half a stick of butter to 2 cups of onions and cook in the microwave (or stove top) to soften a bit. About 6-7 minutes in microwave covered with seran wrap. Add more butter (.25 stick) to each and cook another 2-3 minutes. Repeat with 3 cups of celery.
Pour onions in bread crumbs. Stir. Pour celery in bread crumbs. Stir.

Add half a box of chicken stock. Stir in (mom did it with her hands).

Repeat onion and celery process with more onions and celery. Same amount of onions. Half as much celery.

Add the rest of the box of chicken stock and about half another box. Stir up.