Annual Parties

2006 - Roaring Twenties

Menu (catered by Vine City Cuisine)

Slow Roasted Brisket and Pork Roast

Served with Miniature Rolls and Croissants; Served with a medley of sauces, from traditional horseradish to a smoky chipotle barbeque.

Chilled Seafood

Iced jumbo shrimp with traditional cocktail sauce; Poached salmon with cucumber/dill tarter sauce, lemon & capers; New Zealand mussels – lightly grilled and then chilled.

Asparagus & Prosciutto

Fresh young asparagus, wrapped in prosciutto ham, and grilled.  Garnished with fresh dill and drizzled with a balsamic vinegar reduction

Rustic Breads & Cheese Board

Rustic baguette, ciabatta, striatta, & cheese straws.

Hard & soft cheeses.

Selection of dips, spreads, imported butter.

Sweet Stuff

Mini pana cottas with wild-berry sauce.

Caramel lace cookies

Decorating Ideas